ShonaD, 571 Lisburn Road, Belfast

In 2001, an eclectic little shop named Shona D opened its doors. Located in the vibrant Lisburn Road area of Belfast, directly across from Cranmore Park, Shona D emerged carrying a trove of interesting jewellery, ceramics, cards, art and so much more. Through the years, the shop has grown fabulous retail experience, now concentrating widely on locally made crafts, including her own range of mugs, coasters and art.

Today, we invite you to enjoy the Shona D experience online. Please don’t hesitate to call our shop to discuss the various options available. Whether it's picking out pieces for a gift for a close friend or relative, or just treating yourself, from a handmade card to a stunning sterling silver necklace, we are here to help!

Shona was inspired to launch her own jewellery business. Working in collaboration with these highly skilled artisans she created a collection of elegant, affordable handmade jewellery silver in her own designs skilled artisans she created a collection of elegant, affordable handmade jewellery silver in her own.

Shona Donaldson

Showcasing: Enniskillen Royal Grammar School

Enniskillen Royal Grammar School

Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School was founded under the name the "Enniskillen Royal School for Girls" in 1916. The name changed when the school was taken over by the Fermanagh Regional Education Committee in 1925. The school opened at its former east Enniskillen location in October 1931. It originally catered for eighty-eight pupils, with only four classrooms. It was the first grammar school in the province to be erected by a public body. Pupils were originally admitted using the 11+, however this was abolished in 2009 and replaced with Common Entrance Assessments. Over the years, many extensions were made to the original building and in September 2006 to June 2007 the school celebrated seventy-five years on the site. At its closure approximately 500 females, aged between 11 and 18 years old, attended the school and the principal was Elizabeth Armstrong, who later went on to become the principal of ERGS.