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James Kelly from ShonaD

James Kelly is a Northern Ireland born artist and graphic designer based on the Ards Peninsula. After graduating from the University of Ulster he spent some time as a traditional sign writer, something he still loves doing. His passion for old travel posters, combined with an enjoyment of all things computer related soon led to him producing this fabulous range of prints. James starts the artistic process with pencil sketches, then once he is happy with result, he digitises the picture on computer. He then adds colour, with multiple variations tried until he gets the combination that balances the scene and helps to create the desired atmosphere. Whether you are interested in local scenery, iconic architecture, or sport, there is a print in James's collection for you.

James Kelly

James Kelly's giclee prints are signed by the artist and available as print only or framed. If you don’t see the print that you are after please get in touch as we can source it for you. Framed prints are for collection only. Unframed prints can also be collected from Shona D (Lisburn Road) or delivered in a sturdy poster roll.