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Keith Drury Art from ShonaD

A self taught artist, Keith Drury was born in Northern Ireland in 1964, and decided in 2009, after many years studying the work of international artists, to take the step to become a professional artist himself. He has not looked back. In 2010 Keith was awarded a prestigious public commission to create an artwork for Belfast City Hall, celebrating the Irish heritage of the city, now on permanent display to the public. Keith uses the most advanced 3D modelling techniques, each piece composed with incredible detail and is the result of many long hours spent in the studio. He aims to capture the magic of each chosen city or town, invoking a dreamlike quality, and of course displaying the quirky humour now associated with his work.

Keith Drury Art

Each giclee print is signed by the artist and available as print only or framed. If you don’t see the print that you are after please get in touch as we can source it for you. Framed prints are for collection only. Unframed prints can also be collected from Shona D (Lisburn Road) or delivered in a sturdy poster roll.